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Driveway Permit Request and Application


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  • Driveway Permit Request

    1. Please note that a site plan or drawing must be attached to the permit application.
    2. Is this a second driveway?
      If yes, see the Stormwater Administrator before proceeding.
    3. Required information includes:

      • Tile size: All driveway connections, new or redo, must have a 15 inch DOV tile, where required
      • Location of the driveway to the lot
      • Size of driveway (length and width)
        • Width maximum  is18 feet for single family
        • Width maximum 24 feet for multi-family
      • Driveway must be 5 feet from property line
      • Location from intersection/fire hydrant for second driveway must be 125 feet
      • There must be 25 feet or more between driveway cuts, if more than one cut
      • There wili be no permanent structures on the right of way (mail box or entrance columns)
      • Curb cuts must be restored to Village standard
      • Commercial connection requires a concrete approach back by 6 inches deep
      • If a street or walkway is damaged during construction, it must be restored
      • Must have a drawing of the driveway