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Clemmons Community Connection

  1. Clemmons Community Connection: Measuring What Matters (Pet Waste)

    The Village of Clemmons Stormwater Department is gathering information on human behavior that impacts our waterways. We value your... More…

  1. Clemmons Community Connection: Measuring What Matters (Public Works Services)

    The tax rate for the Village of Clemmons is 11.5 cents per $100 of property tax value – making it one of the lowest tax rates in... More…

Farmers Market

  1. Clemmons Farmers Market CRAFT/ART Vendor

    We would like to invite you to apply for consideration of being the weekly artist for the Village Farmers Market. The market is open... More…

  2. Clemmons Farmers Market Vendor Application (2020 Season)
  3. Vendor Information
  1. Clemmons Farmers Market FOOD TRUCK Vendor

    We would like to invite your food truck to apply for consideration of being the guest food vendor for one day of the Village Farmers... More…

  2. Saturday Deliveries

Public Works

  1. Missed Trash and/or Recycling Form
  2. Report a Missing/Damaged Street Sign

    Please report a missing or damaged stop sign immediately by calling Public Works. To report any other missing or damaged street sign,... More…

  3. Street Light Out

    Don't be in the dark. To report a streetlight that is malfunctioning or out please complete this form or call (336) 766-9170.

  1. Potholes Complaint Form

    Report a pothole. Please be as detailed as you can in your description.

  2. Report a Storm Drain Problem
  3. Street Modification Guide for Village Streets

    Please review the entire Street Modification guide before completing the application. *Please note: $100 application fee


  1. Clemmons Cleanup 2020

    Participate in the Clemmons 2020 Virtual Fall Cleanup! You pick the timeframe between September 1 Through November 30th, and pick up... More…