Clemmons Farmers Market

Clemmons Farmers Market LogoThe Clemmons Farmers Market is a seasonal market that runs from May to October.  We are located at the Jerry Long Family YMCA at the intersection of Peacehaven Road and Jessie Village Drive.

Many of our vendors are currently offering off-season Saturday Pickup services from Village Hall.

The Village of Clemmons is committed to providing a venue for the Clemmons Farmers Market where local farmers, producers, and bakers provide a variety of products directly to the community.  The market inspires open communication between growers and consumers, promotes eating fresh and buying local, and provides a wide variety of nutritional food choices.

We are a producer-only market - our farmers, growers, and bakers only sell items they make, bake, or grow themselves.  We do allow one(1) artisan/crafter each week of the season.  Applications are online for producers and crafters.  

The Clemmons Farmers Market began in 2014 as part of an initiative out of the Clemmons Community Compass, our comprehensive plan, to support the local food market. 

In order to keep safety at the forefront of this market season, several guidelines are being implemented including:

  • Please wear a face covering or mask 
  • If anyone shows any signs of illness, they should not attend the market
  • We recommend washing your hands before arriving and upon returning home from the market
  • Please do not touch products.  Vendors will bag the products for you
  • We encourage pre-orders and the use of credit cards for vendors that offer these services
  • We ask that you respect a 6 foot distance between you and vendors or other customers
  • Customers will be asked to remain in their vehicles if long lines begin to form
  • Please make purchases and leave once completed
  • Carry In – Carry Out – please keep the area as pristine as you found it, by taking any trash with you.
  • The Jerry Long YMCA campus is alcohol, dog, and tobacco-free.

farmers market rules and application

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