2016 to 2017 School Year

During 2016 to 2017 school year, our Stormwater Technician Emily Harrison along with Lenny the Lifeguard visited the 5th-grade classrooms at Clemmons, Morgan and Southwest Elementary to talk to the students and educate them about the effect of Stormwater Runoff and how it can affect the Water Cycle. Along with an oral presentation, Emily also had a demo drop inlet to show the students what goes down the storm drain comes out unaffected. She also had a hands-on demonstration that showed how stormwater can absorb into the ground and how it runs off hard surfaces using sponges and duct tape.

Fifth Grade OutsideFifth Grade Inside Group Photo

Fifth Grade Overhead

Late Winter / Early Spring of 2017

During the late winter/early spring of 2017, Lenny the Lifeguard with Stormwater Technician Emily Harrison went to the EC and Pre-K programs at Southwest Elementary School and the 5-year old classroom at New Horizon's to talk with the children about keeping our environment clean and how pollution and water do not mix. Stories were read to the children along with a picture recognition game of nature versus trash items along with watching a short cartoon on recycling and cleaning up our messes to enjoy our beaches. A fun time was had by all and they all became deputies to Lenny's Water Safety Squad!

PreK Class with LennyChildren with LennyClass Picture with Lenny