Education & Participation

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Phase II Water Protection Program focuses on stewardship. It is a pollution prevention program rather than a traditional pollution treatment program. It aims to ensure that water coming into a community leaves the community in the same or better condition, without picking up additional contaminants that would be carried into our waterways and to other communities in our watersheds.

Citizen Education & Participation

An important element of the program involves aspects of citizen education and participation, ways to help the public gain an understanding of how they are affected by stormwater regulations, how they contribute to water quality problems, and how they benefit from the projects to address this issue.

You can find out specific ways to prevent contaminants into our waterways regarding:

Car Maintenance


Pet Waste

How You Can Help

Opportunities exist in our stormwater program to put into practice good stewardship concepts that achieve these goals of clean water, both now and for our children's future. Examples of ways to learn and get involved are: 

  • Assisting with the marking of storm drains to prevent flushing of illegal materials into the drainage system
  • Attending events where we present educational literature to interested citizens, schools, and developers
  • Helping with community cleanup events
  • Using our hotline to report questionable issues which may be a violation of stormwater rules

With proper adult supervision, this is a great way to get our youth involved in environmental issues. If you are interested in helping to serve, please contact a member of our stormwater staff at 336-766-9170.