Comprehensive Plan Update


The Clemmons Community Compass Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2010 by the Village Council and serves as a pivotal document for elected officials, Village staff and residents. The planning document includes a discussion of a wide variety of issues affecting the Village including: planned capital improvements, future land uses, community engagement opportunities, and transportation plans. Each year the Village Council sets a list of priority objectives for the Planning Board's work plan. Over two-thirds of the Compass Comprehensive Plan objectives (97 of 143 total) have been completed. The 2017 Compass update will serve to reconfirm remaining objectives, identify new priority areas for future land development and also to update population, demographics and other existing conditions in the fast-growing Village of Clemmons.

Community Compass Comprehensive Plan Vision for Clemmons Adopted 2010 include:

Village Inspired Community Form

The Village of Clemmons uses its historical agrarian and village roots as inspiration for community form in the modern era. The community is tied together through a transportation network linking neighborhoods and activity centers. These commercial centers provide access to citizens traveling by foot, bike, car, or bus. They provide human-scale development that reinforces Village history, a sense of community, a sense of place, and interaction with the natural environment.

Active Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods provide housing opportunities for all members of the community. A system of inter-connected sidewalks, bike paths, and greenways connects neighborhoods to points of interest and meets the recreational needs of residents. Nearby parks provide fun opportunities for neighborhood events.

Vibrant Economy

A wide variety of employment opportunities are provided in the Village at activity and employment centers. New clean growth industries and innovative businesses employ residents and are committed to investment in the community.

Engaged Community

Residents have regular opportunities for interaction at community and civic events and recreational activities. Visitors that experience Clemmons are left with a clear impression of the Village - one that values: 

  • Civic Responsibility
  • Community
  • Family
  • History
  • Nature