Everything Streets

Public Works handles all issues associated with village streets. If it's not a village street, they know who to contact. Please view the guidelines below on how to report different types of problems.

Traffic & Street Signs

Please report a missing or damaged stop sign immediately by calling Public Works.

To report any other missing or damaged street sign complete this form.

Report a Pothole

Enjoy the drive.

To report a pothole to keep traffic running smoothly and prevent dangerous conditions for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, please complete this form.

Street Light Out 

Don't be in the dark.

To report a streetlight that is malfunctioning or out, please complete this online form.

Driveway Permit

Needed for new construction or reconstruction.

As a homeowner and/or property owner in Clemmons, you must obtain a Driveway Permit before building a new driveway or reconstructing your current driveway. It is unlawful to break out any street or curb for the purpose of constructing a driveway entrance or to construct any driveway across the grass or sidewalk, without first obtaining your permit. Permits cost $40 for new driveways and $20 for reconstruction. 

For your convenience, please complete the online form or printable Driveway Permit Application (PDF) before visiting Public Works. Applications are also available on site. You may apply for a permit Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Inspections must take place before and after driveway installations or repairs. This process helps to ensure quality work where driveways and roads connect and that proper drainage is prepared for water runoff.

If you have any questions, please call Public Works and ask to speak to the Driveway Inspector.

*Please note that a site plan or drawing must be attached to the permit application.  Please allow two business days for review of submitted applications.